“The Next Level Of Lifestyle”

Tailored Pattaya Journey

Enjoy the elevated vacation experience at the SN Connx Pattaya and enjoy the exquisite mix of modern and classic design.

“Enjoy the elevated vacation experience”

Designed to create one-of-a-kind experience for our distinguished guests, the inspiration from modern, luxurious and classic style is thoughtfully blended and executed – from the choice of glass sheet to harmonious alignment of windows. a seamless blend of technology with distinctive and characterful design.

Our modern classic interior intends to highlight comfort, functionality, spaciousness, and above all, elegance. With leather and wood as the main materials, crystal chandeliers and gold color scheme, the interior evokes a privileged appeal and exclusivity.

The SN Connx Pattaya is conveniently located in the heart of Pattaya on
Chalerm Prakiat (Pattaya Sai 3) Road. The second hotel development project
operated by the SN Group, SN Connx is a 7-story establishment that offers 95
units decorated in 6 different styles, and is fully equipped with facilities.